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Your FREE bonus 30 day trial to Thin From WITHIN "IMMERSION" is completely optional. However, virtually all of our members you'll meet consider Thin From WITHIN Immersion one of the best decisions they've ever made because you discover so many advanced skills for building your ultimate body that can't possibly be taught in a "program".

Thin From WITHIN Immersion is an amazing community of fellow Thin From WITHIN members that interact with each other and John Barban daily to get questions answered and receive advanced advice to ensure you transform your body faster. Not only that, you'll continually receive UNCENSORED Premium Audio Lessons, breakthrough phone apps, software, video lessons and multiple 'off the market' workouts to help you achieve any physique goal you wish.

This 100% FREE trial of Thin From WITHIN Immersion will absolutely blow your freaking mind! Simply check the box above to agree to terms and click the "Add to Order!" button to get instant access to your 100% FREE trial of Thin From WITHIN "IMMERSION". Once you're completely blown away after receiving your first 30 days of Thin From WITHIN Immersion 100% FREE and don't want to give it up, it's only $79 per month for eight months - and then it's free for LIFE from that point on. (Watch the video for more details!)

Of course, if at ANY POINT you're not impressed, you can CANCEL anytime WITH JUST ONE CLICK inside your client portal and, of course, you're ALWAYS protected by our 100% money back guarantee. So just click the orange ‘Add to Order!’ button above. and enjoy your 100% free test drive of Thin From WITHIN Immersion with your Thin From WITHIN order today.


Jenny W

"I knew very early on that Thin From WITHIN was going to be my single best source of information on nutrition and fitness going forward, so I jumped right into Immersion.  It has been money well spent.  I'm not trying to best a 5K time or PR my deadlift.  I want an athletic feminine body!  Immersion gives me all access to anything I need to attain that.  The workouts are there and I'll get the first look at anything new.  The podcasts run the gamut on everything from the mental side of things to straight out debunking poplular media.  There is new content on the site every week, so I don't waste time with the latest fad that comes out in magazines or on the internet."

- Jenny W.

Kiya B

"Honestly, I can't imagine NOT having access to EVERYTHING that Thin From WITHIN has to offer - it would be like only being able to see the bottom half of a set of instructions for a complex machine - you might be able to figure it out, but having EVERYTHING makes it so much easier."

- Kiya B.

Terry C

"I love Immersion, it has been a valuable tool for my weight loss journey! At first I was very leery of buying Immersion, so many times in the past I have spent money and not gotten anything of value.  I knew I had to make changes for a lifetime and Immersion has helped me do just that.  I have NEVER regretted purchasing Immersion!  There is so much valuable information; I love the podcasts, access to all past, present and future VI products and The Natural Standard Database is chock full of information too.  I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing Immersion if you are truly looking for a way to make lifelong changes.  Invest in Immersion and get involved in the community and you can't go wrong."

- Terry C.

Liss G

"I decided that I might as well jump in with both feet! It has been worth every penny, and it is actually a great deal for everything there is and will be. As an analytical person, I also look at the cost of time and effort that Thin From WITHIN has saved as well as my health care savings. It is a golden opportunity- get Immersion if you are serious about making change."

- Liss G.

Tina R

"I didn't want to feel like I was missing out on anything. Immersion has been priceless!! Access to everything VI has to offer past, present and future! Who wouldn't want that?! Just as important have been the Uncensored Calls and the Coaching Calls. John and Brad do all the research so (thank goodness) we don't have to, and then make it easy to understand and implement. Immersion has been one of the best investments I've ever made!"

- Tina R.

Suzzy J

"I joined the Thin From WITHIN Community last November, I realized that this was working so well I just had to have Immersion so that I would always have access to every nook and cranny of Thin From WITHIN. At the end of 12 weeks of the VFX I have lost over 20 pounds and over 3 inches off my waist. I have no intention of stopping and will continue to work towards my ideal Thin From WITHIN measurements. Thin From WITHIN serves my need for a program that has both consistency and variation, something you can play with. Because I’ve realized that’s what healthy bodies and minds need and crave - FREEDOM: freedom to eat, to not eat, to lift heavy one day and do a metabolic circuit the next. And, to me, Thin From WITHIN means freedom from ever being the “fat girl” again. Big thanks to John, and thanks especially to my Thin From WITHIN sisters for your unwavering support!"

- Suzzy J.

Kimberley A

"I have not regretted for even a second buying into and becoming an immersion client.  Do I feel like I have gotten my money's worth? ABSOLUTELY! In fact with just the workouts alone I probably would have spent far more on other fitness websites for programs that were only half as good. While the workouts are amazing they are only one piece to the puzzle. Transforming your body is never just about one thing, but rest assured because becoming an Immersion customer give you access to all the pieces.

So all I can say is if you aren't an Immersion customer yet, you should really think about becoming one!"

- Kimberley A.


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